Celebrity Nail Technician Janice Stevens

Everyone needs a Jani.Cure in their life so I would love to welcome you to Celebrity Nail Technician Janice Stevens.

'' I have been working in Knightsbridge, London for 30 years and during this time I have built up a long-standing following of both local and international male and female clients including celebrities and royalty. I have an eye for perfection, whether my client is looking for a more luxurious manicure or a last minute quick fix I like to make each client feel relaxed and glamorous! '' Janice Stevens @ErrolDouglas, (Knightsbridge, London)


Top Tips from Janice whilst using lots of hand sanitiser

🖤Make sure you apply a good hand cream due to the drying effects of using hand sanitiser.
🖤 If you find the skin is becoming hard around your nails you can gently file your skin around the nail.
🖤 Buff nails to keep the nail bed healthy especially if you’re resting from gels or acrylics.
🖤 Cover your nail with a good protein base coat and cuticle oil to finish.

There is a delicious hand scrub called Asian Spa by @artdeco_cosmetics

The product contains almond oil
- Seasalt
- Ginger
- Goji extract
Leaving your hands silky smooth.

You could also apply a good hand lotion called Dadi Lotion followed by Pure Dadi Oil for moisture and strength. Janice 💋

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