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About Us

by Abbie Murphy April 20, 2021
👋Hi I’m Abbie and GHC is my brand
🇬🇧British Brand, easy to wear boutique shopping
👗 We have a boutique based in Orpington, Kent.

My Thoughts
"I wanted to build a brand and style for the 'everyday woman' that's affordable, practical and stylish. I’m interested in creating a collection that women love and they will feel comfortable and confident in their own skin whilst wearing Grey House."
"I am my customer, I design for myself and the women I surround myself with, they are my muses. "
Abbie started her career in Knightsbridge training and working as a stylist for celebrity hairdresser Errol Douglas MBE. She travelled the world with Errol, representing and promoting The British Hairdressing Federation as well as styling celebrities and Royalty.

From there on Abbie worked for Michaeljohn and Nicky Clarke OBE in Mayfair continuing her career in the fashion and beauty industry. Her love of business and entrepreneurship sparked at the age of 28 when she worked for James Caan, one of the Dragons from the Den. This was a turning point in her career, she knew that one day she would follow her dream and inspire others. Here we are, Grey House is born. With her love of fashion, hair and beauty she has created a community of followers who she can inspire, guide and share her love of all things Grey House.  

We are one community | We are kind.